Christina Cherry Healing

Healing for Inner Balance & Harmony


Are you looking for help with pain relief, stress relief, to heal an illness, or overcome emotional trauma? Or maybe you just need assistance to improve your life experiences for yourself and deepen your connection to your inner being. In the past 8 years I have witnessed many clients heal from numerous physical and mental conditions and depression. In addition to Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Access Consciousness Bars & Distance Healing, I offer from my Bedfordshire practice a new, unique form of hands-on healing combined with powerful harmonic and resonant sound: Turquoise Healing Tones. My clients words explain this best:

“My cardiologist is very pleased with the improvements in my heart”

“This healing is especially suited to other healers as it seems to help them open up their own gifts”

“Turquoise healing gives me much relief from the pain of arthritis in my upper limbs and shoulders”

“I have had several back issues over the years and am pleased to say I can now walk with a straight back with no pain” 

“The severe headache I had been experiencing for 24 hours has gone as suddenly as it came”

“It’s like a pain free ‘energetic’ healing session that gives me the same if not better effect of a session with a chiropractor”

“The relaxation and pain relief lasted for several days longer than any other treatment I have tried.”  Read full testimonials

The use of Harmonic Vocal Sound harnesses a greater spectrum of healing vibrations in addition to the energy, light and information that is coming through my hands for healing. Each session is different as higher intelligences work with me to bring high vibrational harmonic tones which are specifically attuned to the client’s own energy and healing needs. I record the personalised sound healing for the client so they can continue the healing at home. Listen to a sample or email: to receive your own FREE personal sample recording.

Other Healing Therapies

Reconnective Healing the effectiveness of which has been proven by extensive scientific research

Access Consciousness Bars to release the negative thought patterns that are holding you back

Tonal Alignment when you are ready to leap forward on your spiritual path and deepen the connection to your Inner Being

The Reconnection to help you reconnect to your spiritual blueprint

“By the time the session was over, my back pain was completely gone and my mobility had returned”

“The equivalent of several weeks’ worth of psychotherapy was accomplished in a couple of hours”

“The annoying pain I have had in my right shoulder blade for several months just disappeared”

“It enabled me to recall and release deep-seated abuse-related traumas in such a powerful way that I was left completely free of the hold these memories had over my life”

“After the 3rd session the pain had gone completely”

“When I went for a blood test after the healing, there was no trace of Diabetes”

“A few months after the treatments, my eye problem is completely gone”

“You managed to get rid of my hot flashes and I was sleeping so much better; the mouth/gum pain is still gone” Read full testimonials

Distance Healing

I work from my home treatment room in Potton, Bedfordshire, UK (between Bedford and Cambridge) and offer Distance Healing for clients around the world. This can be just as effective as an in-person session with the added convenience of being in your own home:

“After just three distance Reconnective Healing sessions with Christina the pain completely disappeared and four weeks on I am still pain free”

“After just one distance healing session, a large painful lump on my foot has shrunk dramatically in less than 12 hours!”

“Pain I used to have on my lower back and the bottom of my feet is gone”

“My distance healing session with you has helped me release a long-standing behavioural pattern that has been causing me difficulties for many years” Read full testimonials

Client Recommendations

“For over 20 years I have lived with a heart condition and to keep my heart strong I run most days.  Christina’s healing has helped me considerably during the past 18 months – both to stabilise and strengthen my heart and to accelerate the recovery of occasional minor running injuries.  My cardiologist is very pleased with the improvements in my heart and I have experienced far fewer heart incidents since receiving regular healing from Christina. I first went to her for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, then more recently her Turquoise Healing which include sound tones which intensify the healing. I find her new healing to be even more effective for me now.  I am so grateful for Christina’s healing, it helps me to continue leading the normal, active life that I choose.” Lara, Bedfordshire

“I had Reconnective Healing from Christina after I was diagnosed with Viral Meningitis… I noticed a huge difference even after my first session. My energy levels and strength increased, the loud sounds in my head disappeared and I felt a lot more positive. I saw improvements every time… and it helped heal an old injury in my left knee and calmed my stress levels too. I am completely grateful to Christina for helping me through a tough illness and being a great support.” Lisa Hillier (Zumba Instructor), Potton, Sandy, Bedfordshire

“I had both Reconnective therapy and Turquoise Sound Healing with Christina. The effect was incredibly powerful; both therapies enabled me to recall and release deep-seated abuse-related traumas in such a powerful way that I was left completely free of the hold these memories had over my life. The equivalent of several weeks’ worth of psychotherapy was accomplished in a couple of hours. I have since gone on progressing and healing; my health has improved at every level. I have no doubt that this marked a turning point in my healing journey. I would happily recommend her and would be happy to speak to those considering Christina’s healing.” Valerie Cunin-Tischler, Willingham

Read more client testimonials

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