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Mental & Emotional Healing: “I had both Reconnective therapy and Turquoise Healing Tones with Christina. The effect was incredibly powerful; both therapies enabled me to recall and release deep-seated abuse-related traumas in such a powerful way that I was left completely free of the hold these memories had over my life. The equivalent of several weeks’ worth of psychotherapy was accomplished in a couple of hours. I have since gone on progressing and healing; my connection to Spirit has deepened and my health has improved at every level. I have no doubt that the work Christina did with me marked a turning point in my healing journey. I would happily recommend her and her work and would be happy to speak to those considering Christina’s healing.” Valerie Cunin-Tischler, Willingham, Cambridgeshire

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Pain Relief: “Having had considerable experience with conventional and Spiritual Healing I was surprised at the instant deep connection and sense of belonging and familiarity which I felt with Christina’s Turquoise Healing. The relaxation and pain relief lasted for several days longer than any other treatment I have tried. I would definitely recommend it.” Carol Harris, Medium and Psychic Counsellor, Milton Keynes  

Heart Healing: “For over 20 years I have lived with a heart condition, to keep my heart strong I run most days.  Christina’s healing has helped me considerably during the past 18 months – both to stabilise and strengthen my heart and to accelerate the recovery of occasional minor running injuries (the usual pulled hamstring etc).  My cardiologist is very pleased with the improvements in my heart and I have experienced far fewer heart incidents since receiving regular healing from Christina.  First I went to her for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, then more recently her Turquoise healing which has evolved to include sound tones which intensify the healing process, I find her new healing to be even more effective for me now.  I am so grateful for Christina’s healing, it helps me to continue leading the normal active life that I choose.” Lara, Bedfordshire

Relief from back pain & arthritis: “Christina’s Turquoise healing has given me much relief from the pain of arthritis in my upper limbs and shoulders. Also, when suffering from a bout of the chronic pain that haunts me following a back injury many years ago, a session with Christina’s seems to re-align my spine so relieving the pain felt in my hips and ankles. I can only describe it as a pain free energetic healing session that gives me the same if not better effect of a session with a chiropractor. I am so glad I took up the recommendation of a friend to ‘try it out’. It has changed my life for the better making me feel so secure that I have now found a way of making sure my health issues no longer impact so detrimentally on my life. I also enjoy the sounds and tones she makes. They are very relaxing and add something extra to the healing session.” Linda Ferguson, Crystal & Spiritual Healer and Clairvoyant, Bedfordshire

Headache Disappearing:Your Turquoise Healing brought forward some buried unresolved issues that were trying to come to the surface. The severe headache I had been experiencing for 24 hours has gone as suddenly as it came. Aspects of the recurring nightmare I have been experiencing were symbolic of these issues and needed to be faced. The way that the healing was done allowed this to happen in a gentle, compassionate way and for that I am eternally grateful. The peace I feel now indicates to me that these issues have now been faced and acknowledged.” Linda Ferguson, Clairvoyant Medium & Crystal Healer, Bedfordshire

“I have received Turquoise Healing on a number of occasions. The latest experience proved to be the most powerful and empowering session to date. She channels a healing energy which gets to the heart of that which you need. In one moment you feel relaxed, peaceful and calm and in the next you feel and sense waves of vibrational energy entering and passing through every part of you, clearing away outdated patterns of behaviour – subtle one moment, charged the next! The gentle sounds and vibrational notes she channels serve to enhance the experience and you can feel it resonate on a deeper level. It was amazing. I’ve already booked the next session!” Tania Farrell ~ Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach & Teacher

“I have had two sessions of Christina Cherry’s own form of healing, Turquoise Healing Tones, and I have found both treatments to be extremely relaxing and beneficial.  The energy feels different to other healing I have experienced and the sounds or toning bring something more. As soon as Christina placed her hands on me I could feel the energy flow and it had a calming effect immediately.  The toning actually added to the treatment as the sounds resonated in chakra areas, particularly my third eye and heart chakras and it felt like blockages were being cleared.  I felt as if all my stresses and worries were just lifting off me.  By the end I felt a lot more relaxed and my mind felt calmer and clearer.  At the same time I also felt energised – ready for anything!!!  This feeling of calmness and clarity stayed with me for some time afterwards and actually seemed to have an effect on my own healing as I have picked up a couple of the characteristics of the healing myself.  I would certainly recommend this treatment and would like to have many more myself.” Jessica Green, Angelic Reiki & Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Biggleswade

“The Turquoise Healing Tones I had from Christina was excellent, I felt held in a safe and secure environment throughout and left feeling completely uplifted. I had a feeling like I was breaking out of a chrysalis. During the healing I sensed a blue grid around my body linked to the chakras. When Christina made the various vocal sounds it felt like the energy travelled through the grid and popped into the relevant chakra. I got the impression that this healing is especially suited to other healers as it seems to help them open up their own gifts.” Sue Redfern, Reiki Master – Usui, Tibetan & Angelic, Crystal Healer & Advanced Sound Wave Master, Knebworth

“I have had Christina’s own Turquoise brand of healing a few times and as a healer myself I have found it very powerful.  There were feelings of my body and energy body being realigned with the movements she makes with her hands.  The sound healing part is very strong and you can feel the sound vibrating through your whole body, knocking out blocks and things from the past. Afterwards I felt not just relaxed, but realigned with my purpose and spiritual path.  Though it is still energy healing the method Christina uses is very unlike anything I have experienced before.  It feels as though it goes very deep into healing both body, mind and spirit, working on many levels at the same time.” Elizabeth Drake, Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Practitioner & Clairvoyant, Bedford

Better sleep & relief from hot flashes: “I have been feeling really good since you did your own form of healing for me.  Somehow through your healing process, you managed to get rid of my hot flashes and I was sleeping so much better. The mouth/gum pain is still gone which is great! Has anyone else mentioned that they are more intuitive after your sessions? That has certainly happened to me. It seems to really open my mind up – it’s a nice feeling. I also sleep like a baby!” Gwen Ysselmuiden, Calgary, CanadaSound Healing Bedfordshire


“I have been receiving Christina’s Turquoise Healing with the harmonic sounds for some time now, and find it extraordinary. On the surface, the sounds, whilst extremely intriguing, appear to be ‘just sounds’, but I am very aware, as I listen to the various tones, that they are triggering significant changes deep within me. This has helped me make some positive changes in my personal direction, and has helped to speed up the process. It has been particularly helpful to have a recording so I can listen to the tones again myself each night. I can thoroughly recommend Christina’s healing with the harmonic sounds for anyone who is looking to make significant and long-lasting changes in their life. As an engineer, I am intrigued by the hidden dimensions of these tones, and am sure that they carry far more than ‘meets the ear’.” Clare Palgrave, Intuitive Healer, Ross on Wye

“My experience with Christina’s own form of healing left me feeling absolutely wonderful – more energised and ‘clearer’. During the session I felt very relaxed and in a pleasant space as the healing took place. I felt energies that were ‘blocking’ me being lifted.  A big shift took place and I felt ‘lighter’ and brighter.  I have noticed changes since the healing and continue to feel well.  As a healer myself I would recommend Christina, her healing modality is a spiritual and emotional release and is highly effective.” Jeanette Pearson, Angelic Reiki Master, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist, Theta Healing, Stevenage

“This healing was like a pattern-interrupt, rebooting the system. I felt a most interesting sense of being connected to different times, through the present , future, past & alternative realities.” Jen Tiller, Buteyko Therapist, Reiki Master, Letchworth

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Relief from chronic pain: “Since going to see Christina for her own Turquoise Healing  over the last six months, I have felt much more positive in myself and able to cope with the chronic pain and physical disabilities that have become part of my day to day life for the last ten years. My weekly session with her brings me the peace and respite that I have struggled to find elsewhere and each time the benefit of her healing continues longer. I am also very much aware of her distant healing for me. She has worked wonders with the healing she gives. The vocal sounds she uses add a special element to the healing. Having been a singer myself I find them fascinating.” Martin Roberts, Cambridge

“I had an amazing Turquoise Healing session with Christina Cherry last week. She focussed mostly around my head and afterwards the constant pain had reduced and I had a lovely peaceful feeling. A week later I am still feeling the effects… this lady is the real deal; really looking forward to my next session!” Medium Valerie Delffori, Hemel Hempstead @TransformHealing

I have had various different types of healing before, but Christina’s tones took me to a place deep within myself.  It was like a very deep meditative state, and it felt almost as if the tones made me remember things from the past, and not necessarily from this incarnation, they took me to that time to bring any old issues to the surface for healing.  The tones took my mind off of the everyday chatter that I normally have, to a place deep within, where I could have a conversation with my soul.” Amanda S, Wootton, Reiki Master Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner

“I had a Turquoise healing session with Christina which was one of the strongest-feeling, and most interesting, experiences I’ve had.  There were the odd, fun little bits such as feeling something being pulled up from my heart chakra, and cheekbones tingling, but the full body effect was amazing.  At some point during the session my whole body began to ‘buzz’, just lightly.  It increased to a medium intensity and stayed there until some time after the session.  Every molecule in my body was vibrating.  It felt wonderful, absolutely energizing to the core.”  Wendy U, Reconnective Healing & Healing Touch Practitioner, Calgary, Canada

“I have had several sessions of Christina’s unique style of healing. Every session is different and it always feels very appropriate, just what is needed at the time. Christina’s touch feels soothing and comforting and brings about a feeling of relaxation, peace and calm for me. The sounds vibrating through the body are a very pleasant feeling, they also seem to induce a kind of meditative state for me, a state of being outside space and time. After each session I felt balanced, energised and refreshed.” Birgit Horrolt, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Reflexologist & Massage Therapist, Ely

“Christina is a unique and knowledgeable healer. She uses a different healing technique involving sound. She made an unusual but very effective sound from her throat. This was very profound and yet very calming and relaxing. I felt it was the sounds that worked on my chakras and they flowed the warmth of healing down my back and in my knees. I was the sound that resonated in these areas and I felt my solar plexus vibrate.  I look forward to attending another session as this has helped very much in my spiritual and emotional areas. I also remember a “clearing” going on in my shoulders, probably stress, and when finished this had cleared. I left feeling revived and positive.” Fay Jellis, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner

Sound Healing Bedfordshire 

Harmonic Sound: “I have just listened to your recording, and I have to say prior to hearing this I had no experience of sounds on this level and was not sure what to expect. It was FABULOUS, a massive wow. I have no idea how you do this but as soon as I started listening I was in it, gone I felt like a flower would, happily swaying in the breeze. My solar plexus, third eye and the top of my head were buzzing with energy and my lips and hands and feet were tingling. I totally loved every second of this and I shall enjoy listening to this on a regular basis.

I had another listen as I was going to sleep, and slept right through, not one bathroom visit – unheard off ! Woke up, had slept 8 hours solid, do not feel sick, feel like me again. I am blown away, thank you Christina x” Janine, Milton Keynes (distance sound healing client)

“The healing changed completely when the toning sounds started. The blowing and toning sounds resonated differently and caused something different to happen in my body at a vibrational level.” Jessica Green, Biggleswade

“I could feel the vibrations from the sounds in my skeleton.” Linda Ferguson, Potton

“With the higher pitched toning sounds I could feel and see lavender coloured waves of sound. As the sounds expanded, the colours expanded.” Bridget Mappley, Gamlingay

“The humming sound was the most powerful, it was like my cells responded to it and were re-aligning. I felt waves travelling through my body” Wendy U, Calgary,  Canada

“My body responded to the toning sounds – in particular I noticed my stomach jolt in response to one sound. With the blowing sounds I felt a pulling and it was comforting.” Trish Ryan, Dartford

“With the sharper tones I saw visual colours.” Elizabeth Drake, Crystal & Angelic Reiki Healer, BedfordSound Healing Bedfordshire


Releasing emotional blocks: “I have been working through self doubt recently.  While Christina was working near my head with Turquoise Healing Tones  – it felt like those mental blocks were dissolving.   When she was working on my shoulders and arms, I could feel the energy following through my arms, it was like she was working out all the different little points in my physical form that were blocking the energy to my hands.  I have definitely noticed quicker and more powerful energy in my hands since then.  As Christina moved down my body, I started seeing snap shots of what was happening. For example I have always had problems with hip alignment and it caused a great deal of pain. Christina spent time on my hips and lower back, I could see in my mind my muscles and vertebra weaving together creating a stronger back.”  Lori Smith, Life Coach, Calgary, Canada

“I felt invigorated after the THT session, as well as shifted subtly, and even several weeks later I feel re-energised from the sessions. Whilst it is difficult to quantify the effects of these sessions, I feel certain that they have contributed to my development spiritually, and my whole being. I have never experienced sessions quite like these. The combination of hands-on work and toning combines to produce quite a powerful effect, and I have noticed energetic shifts throughout myself. I would like to acknowledge your personal sense of integrity in the way you have developed and evolved this unique approach. I feel totally safe in your hands.” Clare Palgrave, Inuitive Healer, Ross on Wye

“Thank you for your Turquoise Tones Healing Christina. It was a lovely experience which was so different to all the other types of healing I have had in the past. I found the sound comforting and also felt I had heard it before even though I have never had this type of healing. I would be interested in having it again, or even practising it myself.” Gail Hobot, Milton Keynes

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Turquoise Healing from Christina on a few occasions. She uses her voice to tone into the body. The sounds emitted are very soothing and I found myself experiencing the vibrations throughout my body. The treatment left me feeling very calm and relaxed, I would certainly recommend it.” Helen Scott, Teacher, Medium & Healer – Reiki & Indian Head Massage, Milton Keynes

“I recently received a hands-on Turquoise Healing Tones session from Christina which was akin to Reiki in terms of some of the hand positions, but which felt different to Reiki energetically. With the addition of channelled toned sounds this really was a unique experience which I found to be deeply relaxing, healing & beneficial. I highly recommend it!” Kanti Freeman, Sound Therapist MCOSH

“I experienced Christina’s own form, Turquoise healing and found her to be very reassuring, attentive, and very professional in her approach. The healing itself was a really lovely experience. The sounds were lovely and soothing to me. I would highly recommend it. Look forward to more.” Susan Barker, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher (IIHHT), Stevenage


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