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Reconnective Healing: an upgrade of our human ‘software’?

Natural healing is a growing field as more and more people turn to a more whole body approach to health.  The benefits of practices such as yoga and meditation are well documented.  Energy Healing is also growing in popularity, but though many people have experienced the benefits first hand, some still regard it with scepticism as something that cannot be proven or measured.

Now there is a wealth of scientific evidence confirming the real, measurable changes that can be brought about with Reconnective Healing, a non-invasive therapy in which a practitioner connects the client to a particular spectrum of healing frequencies to bring them back into balance.

Science confirms Reconnective Healing smTop doctors and medical researchers around the world have been intrigued by the results achieved with Reconnective Healing and their research over several years has now been put together in a new book, Science Confirms Reconnective Healing, edited by Professor Konstantin Korotkov of St Petersburg University. 

The studies suggest that these new frequencies might literally bring about an ‘Upgrade’ – restructuring our DNA, muscles, tissues and skeletal system, while at the same time balancing mental and emotional states. Dr William Tiller, Emeritus Professor of Materials Science at Stanford University believes it’s a new, broader spectrum of energy frequencies than has been available before: “[With Reconnective Healing] many kinds of energy and light are flowing through the healer and into the healee [sic]. In other words, what we’re talking about is bringing it beyond just what has been classically known as energy healing into a broader spectrum of energy, light and information.”

It’s even helping Olympic athletes in Russia to enter peak performance, expanding their energy and mental functions to give them a new edge. Prof Korotkov reported that with Reconnective Healing “the results were very, very strong and very, very different” to anything he had measured before in his work with the athletes. On average, he measured a “hugely significant” increase in the athletes’ bio-field energy levels of 17% or more!

Reconnective Healing Results BiofieldBut something extraordinary also occurred. One of the athletes arrived at the study on crutches having recently broken his leg. He was experiencing significant pain and was unable to bear any weight on it. After two days interacting with the Reconnective Healing frequencies, he was able walk without crutches without experiencing any pain! His doctor was stunned.

Dr Gary Schwarz is Director of Medicine at the University of Arizona.  His research into showed that blindfolded subjects could detect the energy of Reconnective Healing 83% of the time;  and that the energy could be recorded like an electromagnetic signal on EEG and EKG machines regardless of whether the recipient was sensing it or not: “whether or not the receiver was consciously aware of the energy, the EKG imprinted just the same, so there is unconscious energy detection that can be recorded electromagnetically.”

Dr William Tiller and Prof Korotkov separately carried out experiments at Reconnective Healing training seminars.  What they found was quite remarkable.  There was a huge measurable change in the energy in the room during the seminars – to give that same excess energy content, it would normally have required a temperature increase of 300 degrees centigrade!

Here is just one example of my own clients’ experiences with Reconnective Healing: “The effect was incredibly powerful; it enabled me to recall and release deep-seated abuse-related traumas in such a powerful way that I was left completely free of the hold these memories had over my life. The equivalent of several weeks’ worth of psychotherapy was accomplished in a couple of hours.”

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