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Healing for Inner Balance & Harmony

Turquoise Healing Tones

Turquoise Healing Tones is a unique, transformative form of hands-on energy healing combined with harmonic overtones and deeper resonant sound, which brings you back into balance, releasing physical, mental and emotional blocks. It has been described by clients as ‘very deep healing, working on many levels at once’ and ‘a highly effective spiritual and emotional release’.  Harmonic sound is a tool for accessing a higher vibrational level. When the right vocal sound frequency is combined with the Turquoise Healing energy flowing into the person, the capacity for healing is intensified and it means that the healing is more specifically tailored to each person’s needs, and continues afterwards when they listen to the recording of the tones again. I work intuitively to access the most beneficial harmonic ratios to enhance the healing energy which flows through my hands. The energy of this healing resonates with the turquoise colour and gemstone, noted for its healing properties.

“This healing is especially suited to other healers as it seems to help them open up their own gifts” Sue Redfern, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer & Advanced Sound Wave Master, Knebworth

The sounds emitted are very soothing and I found myself experiencing the vibrations throughout my body. The treatment left me feeling very calm and relaxed, I would certainly recommend it.” Helen Scott, Teacher, Medium & Healer – Reiki & Indian Head Massage, Milton Keynes

Those who are already on a spiritual path seem to get particular benefit from this healing. Some clients who are healers themselves have noticed a marked boost in energy in their own healing practices after a session of Turquoise Healing. Many clients report the disappearance of physical pain and relief of conditions such as arthritis, back pain and serious heart conditions.

“The relaxation and pain relief lasted for several days longer than any other treatment I have tried. I would definitely recommend it.” Carol Harris ~ Medium & Psychic Counsellor, Milton Keynes Read more Testimonials

Using gentle touch and these powerful harmonic sound waves, Turquoise Healing flows through the body’s energy meridians and cellular structure to clear the energetic pathways and release blocks stored in the cellular memory or subconscious, and restore balance. Some clients have also felt a realignment of their skeletal structure. It has been shown to bring about physical healing, boost energy levels, open up intuition, give more focus and greater clarity and lead to a more positive emotional state.

“Christina channels a healing energy which gets to the heart of what you need… you feel and sense waves of vibrational energy entering and passing through every part of you, clearing away outdated patterns of behaviour” Tania Farrell ~ Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach

Personal commitment to engage in the healing process at a deep level broadens the scope of what is attainable. If the client is ready to accept the healing at every level of their being, the gains can be huge – in clearing physical issues, releasing limiting beliefs and thought patterns, and expanding consciousness. It opens the person up to a greater level of connectedness.

“One of the strongest-feeling, and most interesting, experiences I’ve had … Every molecule was vibrating.  It felt wonderful, absolutely energizing to the core.”  Wendy U ~ Reconnective Healing & Healing Touch Practitioner, Calgary  Read more Testimonials

Read how Sound Healing works

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Why use Sound for Healing?

Vocal Harmonic Sound Healing adds an extra dimension to all the healing I do. It is an integral part of Turquoise Healing Tones and a free optional addition to the other modalities.  Each session is different as my guides work with me to bring high vibrational harmonic tones which are specifically attuned to the client’s own energy and healing needs. The use of sound harnesses a greater spectrum of healing vibrations in addition to the energy that is coming through the hands for healing. Vibration takes form when it is heard. Some are high harmonic sounds with overtones, others are lower and more resonating, interspersed with rhythmical breathing sounds.

The harmonic sound recordings, which are given to you so you can continue the healing at home, are also an ideal accompaniment to meditation as they help the mind slide into a meditative state and at the same time bring the optimum tones for your healing and well-being as they are channelled specifically to match your energy. The best time to listen to the recording is at night before sleeping, so you can go to sleep in that healing vibration. It’s important to drink plenty of water to release any toxins which may be released during the sound healing.

“The healing changed completely when the toning sounds started. The blowing and toning sounds resonated differently and caused something different to happen in my body at a vibrational level.Jessica Green ~ Angelic Reiki & Access Bars Practitioner, Biggleswade

The harmonic vocal sound, personally channelled for each client, is a unique core aspect of this work. I record the sounds from each session so that the client can continue the healing afterwards in their own home.  Click Sound Healing Sample to listen to a general recording. If you would like your own FREE sample, channelled specifically for you, please email:

“The sound healing is very strong and you can feel the sound vibrating through your whole body, knocking out blocks and things from the past. Afterwards I felt realigned with my purpose and spiritual path.” Elizabeth Drake ~ Reiki Master Teacher & Clairvoyant Read More

“I had no experience of sounds on this level and was not sure what to expect. It was FABULOUS, a massive wow. I have no idea how you do this but as soon as I started listening I was in it, gone… My solar plexus, third eye and the top of my head were buzzing with energy and my lips and hands and feet were tingling. I totally loved every second and I shall enjoy listening to this on a regular basis.” JE, Milton Keynes

Origins of this work

This energy has been evolving ever since 2007 when it was first awakened after I received my own Reconnection alignment. (This is similar to what happened with Dr Eric Pearl, the founder of The Reconnection, when he received an axiatonal alignment which gave birth to Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.)

The vocal sounds first emerged when I was guided to play the channelled toning of Tom Kenyon during healing sessions. Gradually I spontaneously started to produce similar sounds myself during the healing, and was later guided to stop playing Tom Kenyon’s recordings and to allow the sounds to flow myself. The harmonics and overtones developed gradually and have now expanded and evolved into a unique, powerful enhancement to the healing which both intensify and lead the process. Higher level healing intelligences work with me now to bring sounds of a very high vibration, specifically attuned to the client’s own energy.  As I used this energy more and more, I became aware that there is a strong resonance with the turquoise colour and stone, a stone which is noted for its healing properties and associations with the throat chakra. After the tones became an integral part of this healing, I did some training in Mongolian overtone singing with UK expert Michael Ormiston to help facilitate the variety of sounds.

“The humming sound was the most powerful  –  it was like my cells responded to it and were re-aligning. I felt waves travelling through my body” Wendy U, Calgary,  Canada

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