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Sound Healing

How do Harmonic Overtones help in healing?

Harmonic overtone chanting or singing is a special vocal technique that reinforces our energy field. Harmonics is the ability to create two or more notes simultaneously with the mouth and tongue – the fundamental note and one or more higher sounds of a different pitch. The relationship between the notes creates coherence and harmony. This practice originated in the Mongolian tradition.  Within one note are many notes all related to the fundamental note through exact mathematical ratios – the same ratios which recur in all of nature from the structure of the atom, plants and the human body to the orbits of the planets. When we hear music rich in harmonics, like Gregorian Chant, or a cappella singing, it induces an altered state of consciousness. It changes our brain patterns so that we feel more relaxed.

“My body responded to the toning sounds – in particular I noticed my stomach jolt in response to one sound. With the blowing sounds I felt a pulling and it was comforting.” Trish Ryan, Dartford

Expert on vibrational sound therapy Fabien Maman conducted extensive research using Kirlian photography to show the effect of sound on healthy body cells. He found that their electromagnetic fields became empowered and revitalized under the influence of acoustic sound, particularly in the presence of overtones.  Overtones are like a natural wave that expands ever outward from a fundamental note. They work like keys of resonance opening a space where healing can occur. Fabien explains: “The healing power of music is found in the overtones – in the space between two notes – not in the notes themselves.”

He observed that when a cell felt a ‘vibratory affinity’ with a certain note, its aura transformed into a mandala shape of vibrant colours such as magenta and turquoise, indicating harmony. He also found that the human voice carries an extra element which cannot be found with any other instruments:  consciousness and its own resonance.

Maman’s research also showed that cancer cells became disturbed under the influence of acoustic sound and exploded. Furthermore, he noted that a single note did not have as much effect on them as a series of notes in an overtone.

See more on The Tao of Sound by Fabien Maman

See images from Research by Fabien Maman on the affect of harmonic sound on body cells

How does Sound Healing work?

Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible. The photograph below shows the beautifulgeometric patterns created by different notes.  Mandalas of piano notes by Cymascope

Sound healing is the therapeutic use of sound frequencies with the intention of bringing the person back into balance, harmony and health.

“I could feel the vibrations from the sounds in my skeleton.” Linda Ferguson, Potton

In recent years there has been greater awareness of the therapeutic use of sound and it is now being used in a medical context – using sound waves to break up kidney stones or gallstones or using ultrasound to treat prostate cancer. However the use of sound and music for healing and transformation dates back thousands of years, being used in various shamanic and spiritual traditions such as Mongolian shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism. In ancient Egypt, Athens and Rome sound was understood to be the fundamental creative force of the universe. The ancient mystics such as Pythagoras believed that everything was in a state of vibration and this vibration could be perceived and understood as audible sound waves.

Music influences the limbic system of the brain through pitch and rhythm, affecting our emotions, feelings and sensations. Listening to certain music calms the nervous system and improves metabolism. Slower tempo music slows our breathing rate.

Sound Healing Expert Jonathan Goldman offers the simple formula:  “Frequency plus Intention equals Healing”. When the right vocal sound frequency is combined with positive intention in a healing session, the capacity for healing is intensified. Harmonic sound is a tool for accessing a higher vibrational level. I work instinctively to access the most beneficial harmonic ratios in that moment.

“With the sharper tones I saw visual colours.” Elizabeth Drake, Bedford

Every organ, bone and cell has its own resonant frequency. When we are in perfect health, we are like an orchestra playing in unison, but when one organ is out of tune it will affect the whole body. Clear harmonious sound can help the elements which are imbalanced to come back into harmony via the principles of resonance and entrainment. As the body is 70% water, this makes it a very good conductor. Bone is also an excellent conductor of sound.

See Cymascope Research

For further information about Sound Healing please see:

See images from Research by Fabien Maman on the affect of harmonic sound on body cells

NOTE: By sharing these links, I do not mean to imply that these organisations are involved with my own work

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