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“I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer of an aggressive type last year, I was also told it was quite resistant to chemotherapy. During surgery a tumour was removed that was over 40cm in size and the cancer had spread to both ovaries, my womb, bowel and there were cysts on my liver too. I was at stage 3C and the scale only goes up to stage 4, so things weren’t looking too good with a 15-40% chance of survival to five years.

I embarked on several courses of chemotherapy, but a CT scan showed it had little effect. I wanted to do everything possible to give myself the best chance of beating the cancer and so I had 3 Reconnective Healing sessions with Christina. Afterwards my CT scan result showed that all the areas has shown a marked improvement and that I was now a candidate for ‘debulking surgery’ involving a total hysterectomy and also bowel surgery for which I was warned I may need a permanent colostomy bag afterwards.

I’ve just had this surgery and was so surprised and delighted when, not only did I not have to have a colostomy bag at all, but the surgeons said that the cancer had shrunk far more than they would have expected for a ‘chemo effect’ and they had been able to remove ALL last areas of cancer during surgery. Among the first words I uttered were “Christina did a good job then!” They said I have had the best possible outcome – not something I was expecting only a few short months ago. I will be so pleased to have more Reconnective Healing sessions to aid my recovery from the operation.  I truly believe it has helped me hugely to overcome this ‘treatment-resistant’ cancer, and laying on her very comfortable couch sure beats going to the hospital for chemotherapy!! Thank you, Christina, for playing such a vital part in my success story.  I have been singing your praises widely, so wanted to try and write a few words to help others to understand the magic of your Reconnective Healing abilities.” ES, Sutton, Bedfordshire

Reconnective Healing BedfordshireRelief from back pain: “I have used Christina as a Reconnective Healing practitioner on several occasions over the past two years, both at her healing suite in Potton and via distance healing. I can honestly say that after all sessions I have felt so much better both physically and mentally. I have had several back issues over the years and now am pleased to say I can walk with a straight back with no pain. I would have no hesitation in recommending Christina for delivering healing to a very high ability.” Clive Taylor, Kent

Mental & Emotional Healing: “I had both reconnective therapy and ‘MOT’ sound healing with Christina. The effect was incredibly powerful; both therapies enabled me to recall and release deep-seated abuse-related traumas in such a powerful way that I was left completely free of the hold these memories had over my life. The equivalent of several weeks’ worth of psychotherapy was accomplished in a couple of hours. I have since gone on progressing and healing; my connection to Spirit has deepened and my health has improved at every level. I have no doubt that the work Christina did with me marked a turning point in my healing journey. I would happily recommend her and her work and would be happy to speak to those considering Christina’s healing.” Valerie Cunin-Tischler, Willingham, Cambridgeshire

“I had Reconnective Healing from Christina after I was diagnosed with Viral Meningitis and had 3  sessions over the space of a few weeks. I noticed a huge difference even after my first session. My energy levels and strength increased, the loud sounds in my head disappeared and I felt a lot more positive. I saw improvements every time. I have recently revisited for more Reconnective Healing and it helped heal an old injury in my left knee and calmed my stress levels too. I am completely grateful to Christina for helping me through a tough illness and being a great support.” Lisa Hillier (Zumba Instructor), Potton, Sandy, Bedfordshire

“I can highly recommend Christina’s innovative approach to resolving a long term problem I was experiencing with my ankle. The result has been amazing, no more pain or swelling  since I had a couple of sessions of Reconnective Healing!!” Paul Baker, Managing Director, Cornwell Products Packaging Ltd, Eynsford, Kent

Shoulder healing: “Christina worked on my shoulder injury. I would describe myself as naturally skeptical of alternative therapies, however a half hour session with Christina produced a definite improvement to my condition which has subsequently completely healed. I would definitely recommend her.” Kevin Batley, Owner Sahara Presentation Systems, Kent

Relief from depression: “Before I came to you for healing I’d had depression for 17 years.  I’ve had lots of psychotherapy and antidepressants over the years to help deal with sexual, physical and emotional childhood abuse, but it still remained. On the day I came to see you I was physically feeling quite unwell, headache, stomach ache etc. When I left the physical symptoms had gone and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to party or go to sleep! When I went to work the next day lots of people commented how happy and relaxed I looked. As you said might happen, my fears and worries were still in my head but held no power over me any more!

I can still feel your ‘influence’ now after all this time, though with work pressure and family bereavements I would like to come and see you for a ‘top up’! My fiancé would also like to have a healing session. Sorry I didn’t reply to your text straight away, I have been very busy with work and my promotion(!) which I believe is down to you!” Georgia Akhurst, Middlesex

Rapid Healing of back injury:A recurring problem with a disk in my lower back had kept me on the highest possible dose of painkillers for nine days to dull the pain. Walking was difficult, and sitting was almost impossible. About ten minutes after Christina started Reconnective Healing, the pain began to dissipate; by the time the session was over, it was completely gone and my mobility had returned.”  Dianne Richards, Calgary, Canada

Relief from Diabetes: “I suffered from Type 2 Diabetes for 5 years and had been taking tablets to control it. After I had the Reconnective Healing sessions & The Reconnection with Christina, I became a Reconnective Healing practitioner myself.  When I went for a blood test after that there was no trace of Diabetes.  The medical staff said the only way this could have happened was if I had lost a lot of weight, but unfortunately I had gained some! The doctor was so baffled he decided it must have been misdiagnosed and I was actually glucose intolerant, but when he sent me for those tests they were negative too!

I also had cartilage damage to my right knee which had been causing me a lot of pain, especially at work. During my second session of Reconnective Healing I felt my right knee being worked on. After the 3rd session the pain had gone completely. Apart from these amazing physical healings I’ve had, I experienced with Reconnective Healing the most complete sensation of bliss I had ever known, especially during the very first session.” Peter R, Essexdna33Relief from arthritis pain: “As soon as Christina put her hands near my body I began to feel sensations from the energy. I felt tingling around the left side of my body and on the top of my head and a pulling out sensation over my stomach.  Afterwards I was telling a friend that it had been an interesting experience but my finger was still hurting, when I suddenly realised that it wasn’t!  I had been having arthritis pain in the middle finger of my left hand for several months and it was completely gone.” Suzie Asher, Calgary, Canada

10 year old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autistic Spectrum): “Since the healing session J has slept better and she said she feels calmer. We have noticed she is having less anxious moments and she has almost stopped one of the little counting rituals she was doing on a regular basis, so all good.” LG, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

Disappearance of shoulder pain: “As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt the energy strongly from Christina’s hands.  I felt like I was floating and a little dizzy.  Then I felt deep contracting over my whole body, and I felt myself letting go of an overwhelming sense of sadness. It was a great release and I was filled with a beautiful feeling of deep relaxation.  Towards the end of the session my right arm suddenly went up above my head of its own accord.  It was as if it were being pulled up and at the same time my shoulder was being pushed down. I think I heard a crack and then the annoying pain I have had in my right shoulder blade for several months just disappeared. This final part of the session was almost like having chiropractic treatment performed by invisible hands.”  Deborah Elliott, Millarville, Canada

Reconnective Healing hands and lightRelief from eye problem: “Christina has helped me with a blood circulation problem I had in my eye which affected my vision.  We tried Reiki, which was very relaxing but didn’t seem to change much.  Then when Christina became a Reconnective Healer, she suggested we try that.  I really don’t know how it works and precisely what it does, but I have just seen from my own experience that it is real.  I also decided to have a Reconnection.   I can tell you that I found the experience intense and impossible to discard.  I felt a lot of energy going through my body during the sessions and I know, even being a bit of a skeptic, that this was very real. 

A few months after the treatments, my eye problem is completely gone. I believe Christina is a gifted practitioner of the Reconnection, as she can really channel some strong energy. Her personality and gentle presence made it really easy to relax around her and to feel comfortable with the whole process.”  Patricia Lortie-Sparkes, Calgary, Canada

“I can feel the energy start immediately – the wave of energy wherever you are working.  I felt pulling movements by my temples straight away.  My stomach was rumbling the whole time, reflecting what was going on everywhere in my body.  I felt charged with energy.

My hands are super-responsive now, especially my wrists.  I have no doubt whatsoever that this energy is real.  I had a strong feeling over my left hip.  My right hand raised up off the table as if it was being wound up, then left or right.   The movement was out of my control.When you were working near my feet I felt a very strong sensation over my third eye.” PLS, Calgary, Canada

1: “I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that I’ve felt much better this past week… everything seems to be more in balance and I seem to be functioning better that I was prior to my visit to you.  I would like to come back and have the recommended 3 sessions. Thank you for the wonderful experience.”  NC, Gravesend, Kent

2: “The healing work appears to be continuing two weeks after my third session with you.  Some of my emotional problems have shifted that really changed things for me on a life-shifting level.   I have felt some energy shifts  around me and an urge to move forward with some things I’ve been finding difficult to deal with.  I really think coming to you has changed things.

My writing is really opening up now and the poetry in particular is really strong. Had so many strange coincidences and have been giving very accurate mediumship readings. I keep seeing hundreds of little indigo lights around me and sometimes they are irridescent.   I really feel like I’m still being worked on and have this sense I’m never alone. Thank you once more.” “I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that I’ve felt much better this past week… everything seems to be more in balance and I seem to be functioning better that I was prior to my visit to you.  I would like to come back and have the recommended 3 sessions. Thank you for the wonderful experience.” NC, Gravesend, Kent

Relief from back problem & hot flushes: “Words cannot really describe my Reconnective Healing experience with you.  In a deep state I saw many beautiful bright colours, but with it came so much love.  It was as though I was in a room filled with light and a knowing that everything is going to be okay. I suddenly felt like a child again. There was such peace and that was when I started to cry tears of joy on your table. For the next few days, everything around me was beautiful. I feel like I’ve had a spiritual awakening and the rest of my life is going to be a wonderful journey. In the midst of my current chaos, I am at peace. I’ve been suffering with hot flashes all day and night; one minute burning up and the next freezing. Now the hot flashes have stopped completely.

I’ve suffered with a lower back problem since my early twenties, a deformity that I was born with. I could not sit in a chair for more than 2 hours without feeling some discomfort and pain. But I’ve just sat in the Reconnective Healing seminar for hours and walked out without a bit of discomfort. I can’t wait to spread this around. Words cannot convey my thanks.” Diana Enns, Calgary, Canada

“Having entered the healing experience with one foot in the slightly cynical camp, I was surprised and rather in awe of the different sensations that flooded my body so unexpectedly. There was a strong sensation of blocked energy being dragged through and out of my body, my breathing seemed quite laboured for a while and my right side, particularly my right arm felt very heavy, almost leaden and dense. I also remember perceiving my chakras spinning quite wildly, mostly my third eye and solar plexus. Really vivid and beautiful indigos and violets washed over my (closed) eyes – an awesome and very real experience.” Janina Toms, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England

“I had a most astounding Reconnective Healing session with Christina.  I felt a great deal of work being done in my crown chakra.  I felt an amazing connection to my greater soul during this time; and recognized the power, self-respect, honour and wisdom that exists within me and my soul.  It was a most beautiful experience and indeed raised my sense of self.  I felt a wonderful lightness after my healing session.  Christina is a very powerful healer and I would recommend her to anyone wishing to heal and move forward in their spiritual path.” EC, Calgary, Canada

“My experience with Reconnective Healing was surprising for a sceptic like me. I was expecting a relaxing hour, but I had feelings of pinballs inside my torso, bouncing around like crazy. Also, I had some uncontrollable twitches and sensations everywhere. I did have an intention when I went to the RH session, and it is an issue that does not bother me anymore. It is almost as if the synapses have chemically changed in my brain. I can almost see a new path inside my head taking me away from that thought and memory.”  Diane Dehekker, Calgary, Canada

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