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Scientists are excited by the ways in which Reconnective Healing  seems to be unique. Scientific research has shown that Reconnective Healing is very different from Reiki Healing and other types of energy healing in various ways. There are still many unanswered questions, but here are some of the results so far:

Reconnective Healing triggers significant changes in brain activity (via EEG scans) and heart activity (via ECG scans) of both practitioner and patient during healing sessions. In particular the practitioner’s ECG scan affects the patient’s EEG scan. The frequencies are strong and palpable and can normally be felt through physical sensation tests and have been proven to be real in double blind, randomized studies. (See Dr Gary Schwartz reference below.)

• Other measurement studies confirm that Reconnective Healing practitioners emit and transmit an increased amount of light and other electromagnetic frequencies around their bodies. Reconnective Healing practitioners can turn the frequencies on, increasing the amplitude and oscillation of magnetic frequencies around their bodies. These changes have been measured in the laboratory.  

• Unlike other forms of healing, including Reiki healing, the level of healing received by the recipient with Reconnective Healing is not affected by the emotional state or stress levels of the practitioner. This has been shown in lab tests on heat stressed bacteria. 

In lab studies, Reconnective Healing practitioners have been shown to affect changes in DNA, helping plants to heal after being ‘shocked’ or damaged. Watch clip

• Reconnective Healing has been shown to have a measurable, long-lasting positive effect on the health and well-being of recipients (See Dr Konstantin Korotkov reference below.)

• Other tests involving random event generators have shown that the Reconnective Healing frequencies bring harmony to chaos. In the presence of these healing frequencies, unusual organised patterns occur in the normally random output of the machines.

Science confirms Reconnective Healing sm

Reconnective Healing elicits great interest from top doctors and medical researchers at hospitals and universities worldwide.  Dr Konstantin Korotkov (see below) has recently published a book: Science Confirms Reconnective Healing.


What the Scientists say  

Professor Konstantin G Korotkov PhD – Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Inst of Physical Culture; Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies;  Member of the Federal Russian University Scientific Board on new medical technologies.

Using his proprietary methodologies and cutting edge imaging and measurement devices, Professor Korotkov’s research corroborates the work of both Tiller and Schwartz below. More specifically, he has also measured and documented a very large field effect at Reconnective Healing seminars, calling them ‘coherence effects’, that occur during the teaching of the seminars. These effects are most dramatic and powerful whenever a new concept or exercise is taught during the seminars, and these teachings result in dramatic spikes in both the intensity and size of the field in the room. He theorizes these ‘coherence effect’ are what might be allowing people to gain these new abilities and become master healers.

Reconnective Healing Results BiofieldAdditionally, Dr Korotkov’s work demonstrates that most of those who are simply sitting in the seminar room itself receive positive health effects and receive physical and other healings.  Professor Korotkov also works extensively with Olympic Athletes in Russia. For details of the amazing research results he obtained, giving evidence of enhanced physical and mental performance after Reconnective Healing, and even rapid healing of a leg fracture, please click here.

His most recent research on Reconnective Healing, published in October 2011, gives proof of the long lasting benefits:  “We may conclude that session of the Reconnection Healing had statistically significant positive influence on the functional state, humoral activity, physical condition and reaction to loading for the group of people in 10 days after the influence. This signifies long-lasting effect of the Reconnection Healing and its significance for well-being and health condition of people.”

Dr William Tiller – Professor Emeritus of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science; Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and star of the recent What the Bleep do we know films.

“[With Reconnective Healing] many kinds of energy and light are flowing through the healer and into the healee [sic]. In other words, what we’re talking about is bringing it beyond just what has been classically known as energy healing into a broader spectrum of energy, light and information.”

Interestingly, we now know that the body heals through frequency, vibration and resonance and it’s communicated through light.  So the fact the Reconnective frequencies contain an element of light is very significant. In 1970, a German scientist, Fritz-Albert Popp made an interesting discovery while researching causes of cancer, that our DNA emits a certain level of light and that it uses frequencies of every variety as an information tool, which suggests that the body’s biofeedback system depends on light waves.  He found that the light was responsible for photorepair of cells, and carcinogens cause cancer because they permanently block this light and scramble it so the photorepair can no longer work. When we are ill, our light waves are out of synch. 

Dr Tiller continues:  “We did an experiment with one of Eric’s healing workshops in Sedona last February and the data that we gathered was quite remarkable.  First of all, we found that when we started monitoring the room, which was about five hours before anyone – any of Eric’s crew, or Eric himself, or the healees [sic] – ever came into the room, we measured a higher gauge symmetry state than in normal reality. It was already a conditioned space! So something had happened before people even gathered. That space was set up, and that made it easy then for healers to work. 

As we continued to monitor that space, we found two days later the increase in this effective energy content was huge.  Let me put it in terms that might be understandable. If we look at a normal reality and we say ‘What is the effective temperature increase for that normal space, how much must it go up to give the same excess energy content as was in Eric’s workshop two days after he started?’  [The answer is] The effective temperature increase for a normal space would have been 300 degrees Centigrade! That is huge!”

These amazing energy shifts have now been measured at 5 different Reconnective Healing seminars.  Read his White Paper on this work.  His work with Reconnective Healing is also discussed in his book, Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution.

Hear Dr Tiller explain this research himself:


Gary Schwartz, PhDProfessor of Psychology, Surgery, Medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry;  Director, Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science; Director, Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, University of Arizona; Author of The Energy Healing Experiments

Prof Schwartz’s team conducted four controlled experiments to determine whether Reconnective Healing energy was something basic science in the laboratory could prove. In the studies Eric Pearl and two of his students served as senders while volunteers acted as receivers. The first test showed that blindfolded subjects could detect the energy up to 83 percent of the time. The second showed that the energy functions like an electromagnetic signal The third showed that the sender’s heart wave, measured by electrocardiogram (EKG) imprints itself on the receiver’s brainwave, measured by electroencephalogram (EEG). “Most significant in this third experiment,” Schwartz says, “is that whether or not the receiver was consciously aware of the energy, the EKG imprinted just the same, so there is unconscious energy detection that can be recorded electromagnetically.”

The fourth experiment recorded the brainwaves and eye movements of 30 subjects under three different conditions. In another study, Dr Schwartz focused his research attendees of Reconnective Healing seminars. He conducted baseline energy healing studies which measured people’s abilities to work with, feel, transmit and receive light and other electromagnetic frequencies before and after they attended the seminar.  What they found was dramatic. Of the more than 100 people who participated in the study, all walked out with permanently expanded and new electromagnetic abilities following the Reconnective Healing seminar, whether they had never studied healing or if they were masters/teachers of the various energy healing techniques known today.

Dr Mark O’Connell – Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education; University of Miami School of Medicine

“I am a very traditional doc,” O’Connell says. “I teach internal medicine. I’m on the faculty of a medical school. I’m one of the Deans. I’m definitely not out there on the fringe. And this definitely rattled my construct of how the body works – how disease works. What I personally witnessed with my own patients definitely got me wondering, where does all this fit? There is definitely a mind-body connection – nobody can deny that, whether you are an integrative medicine person or a traditional western medicine practitioner. The mind and the body are one. And anybody who denies that is not paying attention.”

O’Connell recalls observing firsthand one of Eric Pearl’s healing sessions with a patient who had serious chronic medical problems which were going to require surgery. He says that as he watched Pearl “waving his hands around over her,” he witnessed a dramatic improvement in her condition.

Other organisations researching Reconnective Healing include: Jackson Memorial Hospital, UCLA, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the VA Hospital, University of Minnesota, Quality of Life Research Centre (Copenhagen), Memorial Hospital (Istanbul), RMIT University (Melbourne), Parker College (Dallas, TX and Melbourne, Australia), St Petersburg State Technical University, The University of Oslo.