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Distance healing can be delivered in one of two ways:

Option 1: Via Skype – if you are able to lie down in a comfortable place close to a computer or other device with Skype. With this option you will be able to hear the channelled vocal harmonic tones during the healing. I will email you the sound recording afterwards.

Option 2: You email me your photo and at a time we agree in advance, you lie down alone for 30 minutes somewhere you won’t be disturbed.  Then just notice anything that occurs. Don’t try to blank your mind, meditate or focus on a positive outcome as this can interfere with the process. Just close your eyes and relax, and be open to the experience without any expectation or attachment to outcome. I will email you the sound recording after the session if you wish.

During the distance healing you may feel physical sensations, or emotions, see visual images or just feel very relaxed. How much you feel during a session does not have any bearing on the healing that takes place. The healing continues working with you after the session is over, especially when you re-listen to the harmonic sound recording.  You may wish to sleep for a short while after the session – though it is better not to sleep during the session if possible as you may miss some interesting sensations. Up to 3 sessions are recommended at a time.

The fee for a 30 minute distance healing session, whether Distance Turquoise Healing Tones or Distance Reconnective Healing, is £33 which can be paid by Paypal.

Before making a payment, please fill in the form below or email to schedule your appointment. Then please make your payment using the link on the Fees page.

If you are under 18, please have a parent or guardian complete the form on your behalf and include your age in the Comments box below.

The times below refer to the UK time zone, GMT (or UTC) .  Other times may be available on request. If you don’t know your time zone, please refer to