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Tonal Alignment


My experience of the Tonal Alignment was one of those ‘wow’ moments”

The Tonal Alignment is a two-part energetic activation process to raise your vibration and expand your connection to your own Inner Being and to the wider universal intelligences, so that greater well-being can flow to you, and you can become more aware of your own inner guidance system. Powerful harmonic sound is used to enhance the process and help your physical body to be more receptive to these new energies. You may experience physical, mental or emotional healing as part of the process.

It takes the form of two one hour sessions over consecutive days. The first part prepares your physical and energy bodies for the activation and the second part completes and seals the process. The harmonic vocal tones act as an interface or ‘transformer’ between the higher, faster vibration of this spiritual energy and the slower physical vibration of the human, so that more energy can be received and the whole process becomes more effective. You also receive a recording of the harmonic sound to listen to afterwards, so that you can bathe in that energy vibration again in the future.

The focus of this powerful process is not to bring you back into balance if you feel out of sorts or unwell. To get the maximum benefit and greatest advancement on your spiritual path, you should undertake the Tonal Alignment where you are feeling fit and positive and you are ready for a huge step forward in your life.

“During my two Tonal Alignment sessions with Christina I experienced a calmness and peacefulness that was wonderful. A perfect relaxation. Since then I have felt more balanced and am definitely able to stay stress free. I also feel a stronger connection with my own Inner Being and a stronger clairvoyant connection to others in my work. This has helped my physical well being too. Life seems much better now.” Linda Ferguson, Clairvoyant Medium & Crystal Healer

After practising other forms of spiritual activation or alignment for 8 years (including The Reconnection), I became aware that these processes tended to be far more effective and far reaching for those people who were able to maintain a positive focus in their lives afterwards. For this reason, an important part of the Tonal Alignment takes place after the activation itself  ̶ you continue to listen the sound recording from Part 2 of the alignment every night before sleeping for 2 weeks, having first got into an optimum positive state of mind (help will be given). This helps to ‘lock in’ the Tonal Alignment process and also helps you learn to keep your vibration positive and thereby attract more positive things into your life. Listening to the tones again as you go into sleep enables you to remain in that positive healing state while you sleep, which helps to cement the alignment and deeper connection, and also brings general healing benefits.

Meditation is another excellent way to continue to strengthen this connection with your Inner Being, the wiser spiritual part of you, after the alignment, particularly if combined with listening to the harmonic tones from the session. It is also recommended that your increase your levels of physical exercise in the two weeks prior to your alignment to enhance your receptivity to the process.

If you are unclear of what your life’s purpose really is, the Tonal Alignment can instigate the start of an expansion of consciousness and a profound change in your understanding of who you are and your place in the world.   

Whereas other activations of this kind usually require a considerable financial investment (in the case of The Reconnection, this is set by the organisation at €333), the cost of the Tonal Alignment is just the same as two healing sessions (2 x £40 = £80).